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Financial Advisor

"The best investment you can make is in yourself"
- Warren Buffet

Liz Daffner

Founder and Financial Advisor

My entrepreneur spirit began at a young age as I struggled riding my first horse.  I was committed to becoming a better rider and at age 12 started cleaning stalls to pay for riding lessons.  As my riding skills grew, I soon began purchasing horses to ride and retrain.  After they had more experience being ridden, I'd sell them to loving families.  It was hard work, but I learned valuable skills along the way such as money management, negotiating sales from a buyer and seller’s perspective, and how to recognize a cowboy who didn’t know anything. 


A friend recommended the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and it changed my view on money forever. I started researching ways to invest in real estate while I was in college and quickly realized that you don’t need money to make money.  You need ACCESS to capital…which is really the world of finance. I was already a business major and chose to concentrate in Finance.


As a kid I would not have believed I'd one day be a professional working with investments and life insurance. I was going to be a large animal vet like every other little girl...until I gave a horse a shot and fainted, that was embarrassing! I still hate giving my horses their yearly shots but I make myself do it.


I was one of the few woman in my graduating class and definitely the most outgoing.  I always asked questions.  Fast forward to today, I still ask a lot of questions to help protect my clients and continue learning.  I’m diligent with the research I do on behalf of my clients. The world of finance can be complicated and I shift through the nonsense to find the strategies worth pursuing. The old saying “you can’t get something for nothing” holds true when evaluating opportunities of risk and reward.  It is not about which investments are right or wrong, it's about understanding their pros and cons to evaluate them for yourself. Too often you meet a salesman who calls himself an advisor, but they’re really a one trick pony. I’m a fully licensed advisor offering comprehensive financial planning with different types of investments.

When I'm not in the office, I enjoy riding our horses at Folsom Lake, competing at horse shows, and doing projects around our small ranch.

Licenses: Series 7*, Series 66*, and Life Insurance.

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